All About Me, Myself and I

Hello! My name is Jaclyn and I LOVE to read (SURPRISE!) I know..I was just as surprised as you were! I have always been an avid reader. Always got in trouble for reading when I was younger. My interests have always lied in fantasy and historical fiction (I was a sucker for those The Royal Diaries series) but it has eventually grown into sci-fi, dystopian, paranormal, romance and YA.

I started a new job in a new state and so I’m still getting settled in. I love my new job though it leaves me less time to devote to my love of reading and reviewing.

Favorite author(s): Tamora Pierce, Phillipa Gregory, Gail Carson Levine, Robin McKinley, Anne McCaffrey, and sooo many more!

Favorite series: The Immortals, Song of the Lioness, Dear America, The Royal Diaries, All Souls Trilogy, and sooo many more!





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