Hey Everyone!

Sorry that I have been MIA these past few weeks. It was really hectic with packing and moving out of Vermont to unpacking and repacking back home and then packing up my car and driving 5 days across the country with my best friend to finally land in Utah! Where then I had to find a place to live and start my new job!!! So…it’s been one hectic couple of weeks and I’m still without internet in my new place until next week. :/ I’m at work now typing this up and so it will be awhile before I will be able to do book reviews again…..sigh.

But on the other hand…..my new place of work is awesome and the people are so nice and I love where I live!!! It’s only the 2nd day of work but I think I will love it here! On top of that…..I might be able to get FREE comic-con tickets for Thursday in SLC!!!! Lo and behold some authors will be around though sadly the only one that I will be able to see on that day is Jessica Day George but I’m not upset about that!!!! I just read her newest book in the summer and fell in love with it!!!! I would also like to take pictures with Clara from Doctor Who and one of the hobbits from The Hobbit movie!!! Let’s just say that this Thursday will be awesome and I’m off from work so yay!!!!!!!!

Hopefully I will be back next week with reviews and some more fun things!!!!

See you soon!!!!!


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