Review: Prisoner of the Queen

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

prisonerofthequeenTitle: Prisoner of the Queen

Author: E.Knight

Series: Tales from the Tudor Court #2

Published: August 11, 2015 by Lake Union Publishing (originally published July 14, 2014)


Source: eARC

Kindhearted Katherine Grey knows well the peril of being born with royal blood. As Henry VIII’s grandniece and one of the heirs to the English throne, her noble birth has doomed her to live among the schemers and seducers of the king’s court—barring her from the peaceful life that she truly desires.

After her sister fails to keep the throne, and a new queen rises to power, Katherine finds herself surrounded by adversaries. Since Queen Elizabeth sees her as a threat, and court conspirators see her as an ally, Katherine is forced to play a game she knows she cannot win. And when she reunites with the man she truly loves, Katherine has even more at stake. With treachery at every turn and the life she dreams of within reach, Katherine must make an impossible choice: Will she submit to the queen’s authority, or will she pursue love no matter the cost?

This was such a great read and I finished it in two days. If you LOVE Philippa Gregory like I do then this will be the book for you! Ms. Knight is a great storyteller and draws you back to the past!

This follows Lady Katherine Grey, the middle sister of the Nine-Days Queen Jane Grey. Katherine sees her family rise to power only to fall down. She is left to pick up the pieces and to make peace with the new Queen Mary and then the Queen Elizabeth. Katherine has no ambition to take control of the crown and rule especially after seeing her older sister executed for trying to do that same thing. She just wants to fall in love, marry, and raise her kids in peace but because of her blood she can’t just marry anyone or without the Queens permission. But Katherine is tired of being a pawn and takes matter into her own hands which have dire consequences.

Ms. Knight is superb at making you love Katherine and hate Queen Elizabeth. I have always rooted for Elizabeth in previous books but this sheds light onto her other side. Queen Elizabeth is the villain in this story but her reasons make so much sense that it can be frustrating. I felt like I was pulled back into the past and I had watery eyes at the end not knowing how Katherine’s story actually played out. I’ve been trying to read more about the people who surrounded the two Queens during their reign and this book was perfect. It gave me more insight into the families and showing another side to Queen Elizabeth.



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