June Monthly ReCap

Monthly Recap

A monthly meme where I discuss all the books I read, books I reviewed and my life and all that good stuff.

My Life

End of June already…only 2 more months left!!! Tomorrow(Thursday) I have an interview for a job and got a call earlier for another interview at another place. YAY!!! I’m still waiting on the Hawaii job I applied for so we shall see….

Besides that not much…going to be a very busy summer. Have dino camp next week plus the guides are almost all set to go! I’m hoping July is just as awesome as June was!


Top Ten Tuesday Meme


TV Shows:

  • House: started on the fifth season on the last day of June! Only 3 more seasons to go! Hopefully I can finish it at the end of summer.
  • When Calls the Heart: Netflix and it is sooo cute! I just love it and sooo sad that only season 1 is on there. I can’t wait for the others!!!
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: Almost done the second ARC and I’m sooo sad. It’s been such an amazing and plot line so much better than the original.


  • Grace of Monaco: Watched this via Netflix and it was interesting. A little boring and confusing at times but the scenery was breathtaking and I soooo wanted that ballgown!!!
  • Inside Out: OMG!!! YOU NEED TO GO SEE THIS RIGHT NOW!!! I LOVED this movie. It was amazing and I really wanna watch it again. Just go see it.
  • Jurassic World: I grew up with Jurassic Park…and their sequels but this was 100% better than the sequels! It was action packed and very entertaining! Highly recommend this one too.

I hope everyone else had a fantastic June and beginnings of summer!!!



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