Top Ten Tuesday (23)

top ten tuesday

A weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where they give us a topic and we discuss our top favorites! Sorry that I’ve been MIA with these. I really have missed doing these! This was a tough one!!! I could only find 5….

Top Five Characters who are Fellow Book Nerds

  • Echo from The Girl at Midnight. She LIVES in a library and that is where she is found as a young girl but then makes her home there with the help of the Avicen. girlatmidnight
  • Snow from The Stepsisters Scheme. Snow is of course Snow White but a badass princess. She has mirror magic and can flirt with just about everyone. Though she has a place under the castle where all of her books are stored and reads late in the night to learn more. stepsisters
  • Hermione from Harry Potter. I’m sure she will be on a lot of peoples list. She is the nerd of the trio and because of her they win most of their battles! harry potter
  • Lirael (Abhorsen #2) by Garth Nix. Lirael works in the library of her people’s hidden village. There she meets the Disreputable Dog and learns more about the dead. lirael
  • Tris from Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce. This is a book I haven’t read in years but I remember that I felt attached to Tris because she had glasses, frizzy hair and loved to read. I think I might try and reread them. (maybe)tris's book

Who is on your list?! I look forward to reading all of the Top Ten Tuesdays post!!! 🙂


Review: A History of Glitter and Blood

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.

history of glitter and bloodTitle: A History of Glitter and Blood

Author: Hannah Moskowitz

Series: Standalone

Published: July 28, 2015 by Chronicle Books (expected)

Pages: 280

Source: eARC

Sixteen-year-old Beckan and her friends are the only fairies brave enough to stay in Ferrum when war breaks out. Now there is tension between the immortal fairies, the subterranean gnomes, and the mysterious tightropers who arrived to liberate the fairies.

But when Beckan’s clan is forced to venture into the gnome underworld to survive, they find themselves tentatively forming unlikely friendships and making sacrifices they couldn’t have imagined. As danger mounts, Beckan finds herself caught between her loyalty to her friends, her desire for peace, and a love she never expected.

This stunning, lyrical fantasy is a powerful exploration of what makes a family, what justifies a war, and what it means to truly love.

Wow….I actually finished this book that soooo many people have DNF. Most of the Goodreads reviews were all about DNFing the book. I was agreeing with sooo many of them but I felt like I had to see this one through. VERY few people actually gave it 5 stars and I kinda wanted to know why. My curiosity won out for this book.

The story follows 3 fairies, Scrap, Beckan and Josha. There used to be 4 but one got eaten. The fairies live in a city called Ferrum where they live above ground and the gnomes live underground. Gnomes love the taste of fairies and so most fairies are not quite whole. Then one day the tightropers come and say there is war! The fairies leave except the 4 that stayed and they try to survive.

This is a tough book to review. First off, the book doesn’t start making sense until halfway through. It was tough getting through the first half of the book. I had NO IDEA what was going on, who was actually talking, why there was a war and the characters made no sense. It wasn’t until the later half that it started to make more sense so I’m glad I stuck it out. But it was hard. The voice of the book was hard to understand. It was like a story written in the past tense and then it became the present and then IDK. It wasn’t lyrical at all like what it says in the description. The world building was non-existant which was sad because I LOVE that about books especially in fantasy. The characters were never really described besides the glitter and their personalities were interesting but again hard to get a grasp of.

I don’t think I would recommend this book to anyone. This was tough and I still don’t get how people are giving this a 5 star rating….I can only give it a 2.






Stacking the Shelves (23)

Stacking the

A weekly meme hosted by TyngaReviews where I discuss books that I bought, borrowed or will be reviewing. I also highlight what’s been going on in my life and what you missed and what you can expect coming up! I know…it’s been awhile since I last posted….my bad.

For Review

goldenbraid lumiere thelostgirl vegeanceroad catstories sistersofversailles

My Life:

I’ve been so busy trying to catch up on all the books I need to read that I kinda went MIA on the blog. I got so much accomplished though in that time. I got my Netgalley percentage up to 60%!!! I’m getting there! I’ve been reading some awesome and not so awesome books!

I had my second interview with the job in Utah this past Thursday and I will hopefully hear back this upcoming week about it! I think it went really well but just found out that my car probably won’t make the trip out there and I kinda need it for my job. :/ I also don’t have a lot of money saved up because I’m horrible at saving so…..

I can’t believe it’s the end of July!! I only have 1 month left of my service here in Vermont. I will be sad to go but time to move on and gain more experiences and meet new people! I’m super excited about where I will be going next..hopefully won’t be staying at home for too long.

What You’ve Missed:

What Is Coming Up:

  • Review: A History of Blood and Glitter (such an interesting read but OH so difficult to read)
  • Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters who are Fellow Book Nerds

Books I’ve Read This Past Week

prisonerofthequeen enchantress butterflygirl firedrakes

All but one was fantastic and wonderful and I couldn’t put it down!!! You probably can guess which one it is if you know me but if not don’t worry. My review about it will be coming up next month!