Top Ten Tuesday(21)…a little late

top ten tuesday

A weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish where we are given a topic and we discuss it! This is a little late. I’ve been soo busy with guide training that when I come home I just want to relax. Since I just started it a couple of months ago I just picked ones that I think looked interesting.

My Top Ten Favorite Topics (in honor of its 5th anniversary)

  • Favorite Covers: I am a cover snob and I just LOVE a nice cover that showcases the story in a beautiful way!!!

  • Most Unfortunate Character Names: I loathe some names that I have read and doesn’t work with the story.

  • Characters That I’d Name My Children After: So…here’s a little secret..when I was in middle school I kept a list of book character names that I loved and wanted to name my children after. No idea where that list went but yeah….

  • Top Ten Sequels I’m Dying to Read: I feel like I’m always waiting for the sequel to come out and then it takes forever and I forget what the first book was all about. Such a circle!

  • Top Ten Most Vivid Book Settings/Worlds: I just LOVE falling in love with a new world that just sucks me in!

  • Top Ten Words/Topics that Will Make Me Buy/Read a Book: I feel like I am geared towards certain words/topics that I have to buy!

  • Top Ten Books I was “Forced” to Read: mostly high school books that I had to read!

  • Top Ten Most Unique Books I’ve Read: Don’t think I can count 10 but I have read some unique ones!

  • Top Ten Book Crushes: soooo many crushes!!!!

  • Top Ten Most Frustrating Characters EVER: sooo many of them that I wanted to throttle!!!



2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday(21)…a little late

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