May Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap

A recap of a months worth of stuff like my life, books, TV, movies and whatever else!

My Life

What a crazy and busy month! 3 months left of my AmeriCorps contract and I am now starting to look for a full-time job. Not having any luck so far. :/ But I turned 26 this month! I can’t believe I’m already that old..its kinda scary thinking about it too much. Moving on….I got poison ivy and had to head to the ER about a week ago and it’s gone except for some light pink patches around my neck. Those don’t seem to want to go away but I’m sure they will eventually.

Summer is coming and work has been keeping me busy. I am the lead on summer camp, the volunteer guides program for kids 11-15, plus other duties. I’m getting really excited about it but also nervous! I’ve never supervised a large group before so I’m super excited to learn a new skill set and have fun!


Top Ten Tuesday Meme

Bout of Book 13 Read-a-thon



  • The Last Unicorn: saw a special screening of it when it came into town! Even got to meet the author of the book which was super cool!!!
  • Pitch Perfect 2: Eh..never saw the first one and it wasn’t worth paying to see it in theaters. But the music was good but didn’t really care for the plot and whatnot. A lot of body-shaming and name calling. Not a good movie for young girls I think.

TV Shows:

  • House: on Season 4 finally! Almost done and I’m so in love with this show.
  • Sailor Moon Crystal: love the reboot!

Hope you all had a great month!!!! 🙂 Who is ready for summer?!



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