Bout a Book Read-a-thon Challenge #2 and Update

Bout of Books
So second day for the read-a-thon and boy am I falling behind! Yesterday was a fail. It was my day off of work and I meant to spend most of it reading and didn’t. I had to go into work and teach a class, then grocery shopping, and then cooking and I decided that watching House and Call the Midwife was a better choice. *smh* But I did read for a bit….
Day 1:
Books read: The Intergalactic Adventures of Queen Bea
Read pages: 41/195 only got 4 chapters done but its a short read
Books finished: 0
Total number of pages: 41

For the challenge today was a toughie! It’s hosted by LULO Fangirl and its all about character face-off! I take two characters and face them off and pick a winner!

Create the ultimate character face-off.

Pick two of your all-time favorite characters. They can be from the books you chose for the read-a-thon (or not — totally up to you).

Even though they are both your favorite, you HAVE to choose one as the winner. And tell me why.

Sell me on why this ONE character is your favorite character of ALL characters.

Opponent #1: Lady Katsa from the Middluns

  • Who: Graceling who is gifted with the grace of survival
  • Pros: she can kick-butt, survive w/out food, water or sleep for many days, loyal to friends
  • Cons: self-loathing, can be easily controlled, snarky

Opponent #2: Alanna of Trebond

  • Who: a girl pretending to be a boy in order to become a knight
  • Pros: she has a cool cat with purple eyes, strong, loyal
  • Cons: doesn’t ask for help, snooty at times

Winner: Katsa from Graceling. Just because I feel she has the better skill set in order to get things done. She can go days without needing food,water or sleep to get a job done. I really connected with her also. She was such a strong character and had so much growth throughout the book that how could I not root for her!

Would love to hear who you chose as your character face-off!!! Leave a comment below.



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