Stacking the Shelves (11)

Stacking the

A weekly meme hosted by Tynga Reviews where I discuss about books that I have either purchased, borrowed for will be reviewing.

SO….this was an extremely slow week. I actually have nothing to really show for it sadly. I have a whole bunch of books that I need to read before requesting more so I have taken a break from requesting and buying until I have it under control.

My Life:

It has been a slow week overall. No school groups at the museum due to spring break. We did have an astronomy camp which was fun but a whole bunch of information was thrown at me. Poor kids. It was still fun and got to go the the local observatory a couple of towns away to really see the stars. I got to see Venus and Jupiter in the telescope!!! I wish I could have taken a picture of them but it wasn’t that kind of telescope 😦

On a happier note, my parents came yesterday! Super excited to have them visit. Took them around town and now heading into Burlington to see civilization!!!

What you missed this week:

  1. Top Ten Tuesday: Top Book quotes which was quite hard to do!
  2. No waiting on Wednesday…sorry
  3. No review either. I’m soooooo far behind!

What is coming up this week:

  1. Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite authors…this is going to be difficult to just pick 10
  2. Review: Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson
  3. Waiting on Wednesday

I hope you all had a great week! Sorry that this week was so lame but it will pick up with book reviews in the next month! I have sooo many books to review for the whole month of May (which is my birthday month!!) If you live far from home do you miss your parents or are your parents missing you a little too much? I haven’t seen mine since Xmas so its nice to finally see them and I probably won’t see them until after the summer. Though I do talk to my mom almost everyday ( I do live in remote Vermont so its nice to chat with my mom)



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