Stacking the Shelves (10)

Stacking the

A weekly meme hosted by Tynga Reviews where I post all about the books that I have purchased, borrowed or will be reviewing! This week has been heavy! Considering that last week was so light!! The light pink titles lead to Goodreads.


everybody rise

extraordinary tale

twelve kingdoms


  1. Everybody Rises by Stephanie Clifford
  2. The Singular and Extraordinary Tale of Mirror and Goliath by Ishbelle Bee
  3. Citadel of the Sky by Chrysoula Tzavelas
  4. The Talon of the Hawk (Twelve Kingdoms #3) by Jeffe Kennedy


born of night

Born of Night (The League #1) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

My Life:

This week was busy and yet slow. I wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday so I had to take off work so that made my week go by super fast! But now I have to make up the hours by taking away one of my weekend days. It’s spring break for the local schools in the area so this week will be super slow. We are hosting an astronomy camp but don’t know how much I will help with that. Trivia was this past Wednesday and we had 3 teams play which is small but glad I was still able to host it. It’s been a crappy week with weather. Cold and snowed yet again. It’s even snowing today!! UGH! Go away already!! BUT MY PARENTS ARE COMING TO VISIT THIS COMING FRIDAY!!!! I am SUPER stoked! I can’t wait to see them!!!! So hence why this coming week is going to go by soooo slow! Blah!

What you missed this week:

  1. Top Ten Tuesday: All about characters in a series that I would like to revist
  2. Review: Seraphina which I fell in love with and can’t wait for the next book
  3. Review: Taste of Darkness so sad that this series has ended. I want more!!

What is coming up this week:

  1. Top Ten Tuesday: Inspiring Quotes from books. SO EXCITED for this one!
  2. Review: An Indomitable Beast by Alan Rabionowitz

I hope you all had a great week too! I look forward to reading about your stacking the shelves post! Has spring come to your area yet? I’m still waiting…..




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