March Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap

This post recaps the past month about my life, books, TV shows, movies and whatever else.

My Life

I can’t believe March is already over! I have 5 months left of my contract with AmeriCorps! Not that I’m counting down the months but it’s been such an amazing experience and I will be sad to leave this awesome museum. Haven’t quite started looking for a job just yet because a lot of the jobs are summer based. I need something full time and with benefits.But I will start looking soon. Work has kept me quite busy this past month. I’m learning new classes and teaching old ones.

I’ve met two new people that just moved to the area that are around my age! We have been hanging out and they have invited me over for dinner a couple of times. So I FINALLY HAVE FRIENDS!!! I’ll be sad to leave them behind when I leave but for right now it’s pretty awesome!

The weather has finally decided to take a turn for the better! The snow has been melting which has turned into MUD! So at least the snow is going but now it’s “mud season”. OH BOY! My winter boots are basically shot and are totally not mud proof. So I bought a new pair of boots called Bogs! OMG they are awesome! So I just can’t wait until SPRING!!!


  1. Magic Study by Maria V. Synder
  2. Rebel Queen by Michelle Moran
  3. Akarnae by Lynette Noni
  4. Fire Study by Maria V. Synder
  5. The Queen’s Gift by T.R. Allardice
  6. Touch of Power by Maria V. Synder
  7. Scent of Magic by Maria V. Synder
  8. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
  9. The Witch of Painted Sorrows by M.J. Rose
  10. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
  11. The Haunting of Sunshine by Paige McKenzie
  12. Beneath the Surface by John Hargrove


Top Ten Tuesday:

  1. All Time Favorite Books from the Past 3 Years
  2. Readers Who Like Epic Fantasy
  3. Books from My Childhood
  4. Recent Books Added to my TBR List

Waiting on Wednesday:

  1. Prudence by Gail Carriger
  2. Beauty’s Kingdom by Anne Rice
  3. The Rose Society (The Young Elites #2) by Marie Lu



  1. Disney’s Cinderella: Such an amazing movie!! I loved this version! It was nice to know how a movie was going to end and it was such a happily ever after! Cate Blanchet was such a good stepmother and so evil. I just loved it! The costumes themselves were AMAZING! I want her blue dress so badly! And her wedding dress of course. Don’t know where I would wear any of them but still want.
  2. Dreamworks Home: Just saw this the other day. It was so cute! But sadly all the funny parts were shown during the trailer so it could have been funnier if they didn’t show them. But it was cute and the music was amazing during it!

TV Shows:

  1. Reign: It’s ok. I’m caring less about the plot and more about the costumes. It’s a nice show to get away and watch though of course Mary is getting on my nerves. “sigh”
  2. Once Upon a Time: I’m actually behind on this season. I hated the first episode so I’m hoping for more in these latest ones and so far it’s delivering.
  3. iZombie: SO CUTE! I just LOVE IT! Just like Veronica Mars but about zombies. I’ve only seen the pilot episode but it was good. I look forward to more.
  4. Flash: OMFG!!! There are no words to describe what just happened!! LIKE WHAT!?
  5. One Big Happy: It was ok. I’ll watch a few more and see what happens but eh.
  6. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: So adorable! I crack up in every episode
  7. Royal Pains: I started this on Netflix and I am in LOVE with this show! I’m already on Season 4!


I hope all of you had a great month! Look forward to an even better month this April!! 🙂





One thought on “March Monthly Recap

  1. I’m a Oncer too and the major annoyance I am having with Reign and my other CW shows and OUAT at the moment is the breaks they take! It is driving me crazy!

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