Stacking the Shelves (7)

Stacking the

A weekly meme hosted by Tynga Reviews that is all about the books that I have either borrowed from the library, will be reading for review or have bought.


virgin elizabethfierce

Borrowing from Library

the one

My Life

So I’ve been super busy this past week. As if you didn’t know. I couldn’t even do the Top Ten Tuesday post because I got so caught up with work. I had so many classes and powerpoints to put together that I was so overwhelmed! My boss is out again this coming week so I’m in charge of making sure the school groups come on time and get them into the correct classes. I even have to work on Monday(which is my day off!). But some good did come out of this past week! I finally joined the gym in town! YAY FOR WORKING OUT!! I started taking a class called Pound where you use drumsticks to work out with music. It’s a lot of fun but OMG are my legs sore!! So I did that on Monday and Wednesday and did Zumba on Friday. So I’ve been exhausted and have been sleeping so well! Well that’s it for this week! I hope you had a great week too!!



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