Stacking the Shelves (4)

Stacking the

A weekly meme hosted by Tynga Reviews. It’s all about what books and what I have either bought, borrowed or will be reviewing!

For Review

beneath the surface




poison magic study fire study SHADOW STUDY

touch of power scent of magic taste of darkness

So….I went on a book buying binge this week. I’m sure my paycheck will hate me after this. :/ But they were all eBooks so I saved some money and room. I am so far LOVING these two series. The first one is the Study Series and it includes the 4 books and the Healers Series are the three books. I am just in love with Yelena and Avery! They are such strong female heroines and I wish I knew about them when I was making my top ten list! Look for my reviews of these books to come soon! I also bought some other books but I felt like these were the ones I really wanted to showcase and I bought full price while the others were on sale or for free. I am also in LOVE with the first three covers of the Study Series. I am not so in love with Shadow Study cover. That was the only one I could find since it just came out and so it doesn’t really go with the other three that I LOVE. Oh well. Covers aren’t everything (but they kinda are). LOL



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