February Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap

I decided to start a monthly recap of my life, reviews that I have done this month, and anything else that has caught my eye.

My Life

WORK: So this month at work was SUPER busy. The museum was closed all of January because we were getting new LED lights, new floor and moving dioramas around. So none of the school groups could come by and so this month was packed everyday with school groups. It also didn’t help that the cold and snow closed schools on some days so we had to reschedule. My class that I came up with to teach this spring has been somewhat popular..I have taught it at least 3 times! It’s about threatened, endangered, extinct animals, habitat loss and wildlife management. The kids really seem to enjoy it!

WEATHER: On that note I do NOT LIKE VERMONT WINTERS! This is my first time being up here during the winter ( I was working at a camp up here over the summer which I loved). It’s rough and I soooo did not have the clothes to withstand below zero temperatures on a daily basis. I have never been so cold in MY LIFE! Now don’t get me wrong…snow on the mountains is BEAUTIFUL! But I don’t know if I can really live up here for the rest of my life. I think my blood is still too thin from living in Maryland for my life. :/ I want spring weather but I know I won’t be seeing it for another couple of months. Did you know that there is ANOTHER season here in Vermont?! I sure didnt. It’s called MUD SEASON! Not looking forward to that either.

TV/MOVIES: I think I actually only saw one movie this month. The movie theater in town has Discount Tuesdays where the tickets are only $4! It’s awesome and that’s usually when I go see my movies. I can only think of one movie that I’ve seen this month which was Into the Woods. It was awesome! I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Cinderella! And The Imitation Game which is coming out this week here in town but at a different venue. So excited to see that. I am just in LOVE with Benedict Cumberbatch! I am soooo behind in all of my TV watching besides Downton Abbey! I am super excited for the season finale tonight! Though I don’t have cable so I’ll watch it tomorrow. I need to play catch up but with all the books I have to read it’s kinda hard and I’m in a reading frenzy right now. I just don’t want to stop reading!


So I have done 11 reviews for this month! They listed below if you want to check them out!

And that’s all folks! 😉



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