Organizing my Bookcase


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Organizing my Bookcase

Yes, I am waiting until like the last day to possible write this blog but HEY at least I remembered about it! 🙂 So sadly, I have no pictures to show you because my bookcase is back home in Maryland and I am currently living in Vermont until the end of August. The few books that I do have with me which aren’t that many (like 5) are smooshed into my small closet. No way am I going to take a picture of that. LOL So on to my organization skills which I have NONE of!

When I was in middle school I collected The Royal Diaries and My Dear America books. So whenever I got a new one I would sort them by the year that they had written about. So for the Royal Diaries, Cleopatra was wayyy before anyone else and the Mayflower Dear America book was like the first one. So I usually grouped them by series and then if they had years to them that’s normally what I would do.

BUT NOW, I have removed those two series from my bookcase because I have no room and now they are laying in a box in my closet back home. I have grouped other series of books like Phillipa Gregorys books and Harry Potter and the Eragon series on my first two shelves. The rest are miscellaneous and are crammed in there. So besides keeping the series together I have no organization whatsoever. Maybe when I get home I’ll think about organizing it. Just maybe.


2 thoughts on “Organizing my Bookcase

  1. I used to have absolutely no organization at all to my bookcase. Now I do, but it really only makes sense to me. I have a shelf of BEA books that I still need to read, sorted by date published. I also have a shelf of books that I’ve already read, but my mom hasn’t (she reads them after me!). And then a shelf of books that we’ve both read that I plan to use as giveaways. Then there’s a shelf of books that I’ve read that I want to keep and a few shelves of books I haven’t read yet (sorted roughly by how much I want to read them!).

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    • Your bookcase sounds huge! I have a really small one that has only three shelves and it drives me crazy because I can’t fit all of my books on there. So most of them are in boxes 😦 I”m hoping once I find a stable job and move into my own place I’ll be able to buy a bookcase that will fit most of my books. But then transporting to wherever I move is going to be such a hassle. That’s awesome that your mom reads the books after you. My mom/dad don’t really understand why I like fantasy so much and neither parent really reads like I do. My sister loathes reading. Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

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