Review: Keeper of the Forest by D.K. Holmberg

keeperTitle: Keeper of the Forest

Author: D.K. Holmbery

Series: The Lost Garden #1

Source: Purchased (eBook)

Publisher: ASH Publishing

Published: September 22, 2014

Pages: 288

Rating: 3/5

Eris Taeresin, third daughter to the king, is tired of being different. She’s wasted months searching the massive palace garden for a flower that will let her join her sisters in lessons to learn the secret language of flowers. Each day the Mistress of Flowers finds some reason to refuse, all while her sisters found theirs easily, a fact they love to throw in her face.

When she finally finds a strange flower that satisfies the stern Mistress of Flowers, Eris is told she needs to learn more about the flower before she can join the lessons, leaving her spending more days searching the garden. At least now she has Terran, a handsome young gardener, for company.

Then, while her father’s men fight a war in the north and with her oldest sister planning her wedding with the Saffra prince, Eris discovers the Mistress of Flowers might be more than she realized. After overhearing her father’s magi advisor, she begins to suspect the Mistress of Flowers is a flower mage who intends to use the garden in a plot against the kingdom. Eris soon learns the threat against the kingdom is deeper than she suspected and now she might be the only one able to save it from destruction, if only she can learn to use her own magic in time.

This book was a good quick read but fell flat. It was soooo boring in the beginning and middle. Eris is sent repeatably back to the garden to find the perfect flower to hand to the Mistress of Flowers so that she can start her training in the secret ways of the flower. She finally finds one but is told to learn more about it. Sadly, there are no books on it so Eris mops about some more and walks in the garden. All of her sisters resent her for not finding the correct flower and joining in their studies with them. They are like downright mean and makes no sense that they are besides them being viewed as mean and evil? There is also some war going on that we never really find out much about, and some inner fight between the wizard adviser and the Mistress of Flowers. Eris thinks the Mistress of Flowers is a spy and tries to learn more but she fails at taking any kind of control. The one good thing about the book was that the fight and her finding her true magic at the end was great and really well done. The descriptions used to describe the flowers and the “garden” building throughout was beautiful and made me want to plant a garden with all of those flowers. But sadly, I don’t think that I will continue with the series.


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