Review: Exaltation by Jamie Magee

exaltationTitle: Exaltation

Author: Jamie Magee

Series: Web of Hearts and Souls (stand alone from series)

Source: eBook through Netgalley

Pages: 329

Published: February 10th, 2015

Rating: 2/5 (skimmed the rest)

Purchase: Amazon/Barnes and Noble

Fate is a twisted b*$#@, at least his was.

Was one soul worth the lives of millions? The quandary was one that Rydell King had no choice but to face. No matter the answer, the truth remained—innocence was created to destroy him. She was beautiful…extinguishing her to save his people seemed impossible, and maybe it was. As an immortal, his focus was to destroy the curse upon his people, as he devoured the emotion that bore him—exaltation, no matter the cost. She made him question everything.

Mercy had never been crueler.

So I guess I needed to do a little bit more research on the books that I request (I thought I did but maybe not quite as thoroughly). This book is a stand alone in the series but I guess it also connects the authors two book series together. As I had a hard time connecting with the characters since it seemed like they were already established someplace else. I feel bad for having to review this book without any background on this authors other series so please take my review with a grain of salt and I just couldn’t finish it. I skimmed the rest of the book just to find out the ending but I just couldn’t. I’m sorry 😦

So this follows Raven BellaRose, River and Ash as they fulfill their destinies! Raven is a happy go-lucky teenager who seems just a tad bit too happy all the time…like ALL the time. It was grating at times and in certain situations she should be appalled and she was but like next chapter it was all in the past and she was herself again (don’t know how you bounce back that quickly…made it seem too perfect). So Raven was born to fulfill a prophecy to bring down a King of some emotion. And of course there is a bad guy after her because in order to get rid of the King you have to kill off his firsthand man, Rydell. Rydell enrolls in the same school as Raven and tries to get close which he succeeds in doing! And then BAM! INSTA-LOVE! That right there just threw me off…it kinda just ruined the rest of the story. And like Rydell is like centuries old and it’s just weird. And I just couldn’t get past it….I guess it’s part of the history/storyline in the other books? Maybe if I read them first I might have been ok with this but without the background, I couldn’t take it. It was too much of “you’re hot” “i can’t stay away from you” “I can’t stop thinking about you” “you’re all I think about”.

The good parts of the book were the descriptions. Magee paints such a beautiful picture of each person that you can picture them in your head. And the emotion aspect of the story was awesome and very unique.

I just feel bad that I couldn’t get past the insta-love and I couldn’t connect with the characters. Though if you have read her other books, I’m sure this one would not disappoint.


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