Top Ten Tuesday-Romances

top ten tuesday

Top Ten Tuesday was started by The Broke and Bookish blog and this meme is all about lists! Top ten of whatever this weeks category is all about. So this week is all about romances! TOP TEN THINGS I LIKE/DISLIKE WHEN IT COMES TO ROMANCE IN BOOKS! (in no particular order)

Things I LIKE about Romance in Books

  1. Strong female character-I love it when a girl/woman knows what she wants and she will say “NO” when she wants to and not a wimpy woman who always needs a man to save her. I just LOVE a sassy woman!
  2. Strong male character– I also want a man who knows what he wants and will go the distance to set things right or to pursue the lucky lady.
  3. Sex scenes-I know..a little dirty but hey! As long as they are tastefully done and not like some porno and using weird words, these scenes are really good. It just builds up the tension and then BAM! they go at it and it is awesome!
  4. Love triangles– as long as they are subtle and don’t take over the plot.
  5. LOVE– The romance itself is what makes the book so good. When two different personalities find out that they can make it work, or that hate turned into love and it just blossoms! The love that is possible is what keeps me reading these types of books.

Things I DISLIKE (HATE) about Romance in Books

  1. Insta-love- I hate it! It takes away all the romance and the tension and just everything. NO ONE falls in LOVE that easily or that quickly. I can’t even imagine a world where people fall in love instantly like in the books!
  2. Damsel in distress syndrome– It’s the worst. I hate it. I am just like suck it up and learn some skills! Or better yet don’t get into that situation! I hate the damsel in distress especially when the guy has to save the girl! GO SAVE YOURSELF! and then they fall madly in love. SAY WHAT?!
  3. Love-triangles– Especially when they are the main feature! Totally takes away from the plot and really getting to know the characters and feel a connection.
  4. Cliche love-give me something original. Don’t do what everybody else is doing, or if you do put a new twist on it. I want to read something new and exciting!
  5. I have no idea. I know right?! I thought this would be easy but it’s not. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday-Romances

  1. I agree with all of these! I HATE the damsel thing, why does that have to happen? And seriously, enough with the cliches, I need originality! And yes, I agree with your #5, it makes everything better just to think that that special, wonderful love can be real! Great list 🙂

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