Sunset Rising

I am on a roll with reading my books! 🙂 I finally have the time and the motivation to read some new things. I again received this book from Netgalley and this is my honest review.

5/5 stars

sunset rising

Past: February 2024

Desperate to find refuge from the nuclear storm, a group of civilians discover a secret government bio-dome. Greeted by a hail of bullets and told to turn back, the frantic refugees stand their ground and are grudgingly permitted entry. But the price of admission is high.

Present: 283 years later….

 Life as a slave in the Pit had never been easy, but for seventeen-year-old Sunny O’Donnell it was quickly careening out of control. Her mother was killed in the annual spring Cull, leaving her alone with a father who decided to give up on life. It’s not that she blamed him for grieving, but if they didn’t earn enough credits to keep their place inside the Pit, they would be kicked out into a world still teeming with radiation. That left her to earn the credits for both of them. It didn’t help that her boyfriend, Reyes Crowe, was pressuring her to get married and abandon her father. Sunny didn’t think life could get any worse, until she was forced upstairs to the Dome to serve and entertain the elite at a bachelor party. That’s where she met Leisel Holt, the president’s daughter, and her fiancĂ©, Jack Kenner. Now Sunny and Jack Kenner are wanted for treason. If they catch them, they’ll be executed. She thought Leisel’s betrayal was the end…but it turns out it was just the beginning.

Look at that COVER!!! It is beyond beautiful and just grabs your attention! That’s one of the reasons I picked it up. This has definitely become one of my favorite dystopian novels that I have read in a REALLY long time! Now I am still in love with Uglies and The Selection is pretty good, but this book was great! Sunset O’Donnell known to her friends as Sunny has bright red hair in a world of darkness where most people living in the Pit have dark hair. So she sorta stands out and because of that she uses coal to cover her red hair and hide. Her best friend, Summer and her work in the kitchens but were late to work and in order to keep their jobs they are required to “work” at a bachelor party (basically she will become a sex toy to the elite). This was a much darker turn then Uglies or even the Selection especially for being a YA book. I liked that it has a darker tone to it, makes it not as cheery. So Summer and Sunny are at this party and Summer steals a piece of food which is FORBIDDEN and Leisel who is the president’s daughter catches them. To not get beaten to death, Sunny makes a deal with Leisel and then it just goes downhill from there. Sunny does seem to be naive at times which for being 17 and a slave for her whole life you think that she wouldn’t be that would most likely be my only problem with the story. It does get annoying at times because she has been through so much you think she will be a stronger character without a man around but alas she relies on one. THOUGH the “insta-love” that happens in most dystopian novels DID not happen here, it reminded me of The Selection, but unlike Uglies and The Selection, THERE IS NO LOVE TRIANGLE!!! Or at least it doesn’t take over the story..there is one but it doesn’t play a HUGE part in the plot and that I am soooo thankful for! But other than that it basically follows the setup for a revolt of the people living in the Pit against the people living in the Dome. I ended on a huge cliffhanger like most trilogies and I look forward to reading more about Sunny.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has read The Hunger Games, The Selection, Uglies and such. Also who is looking to read something new and has a darker tone than other dystopian novels. You can purchase these books from Amazon and I have listed the links below. Just click on the title and it should bring you to the website.

Sunset Rising: Book One

Worlds Collide: Book Two

New World Order: Book Three


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