The Broken Sword

Again, I am behind on my reading and so I am sorry Open Roads for posting this so late. I picked up this book from Netgalley because the cover was just awesome! Also because it sounded like a really cool adventure book. This is actually a really old book and is just being republished. This was published around the same time as Lord of the Rings so it’s pretty old. broken swordI have four other books to read, three for Netgalley and one for a book club which I just joined in town. I look forward to getting together and discussing it. I will be reading, “Rules of Civility” by Amor Towles.

3.5/5 stars

The son of a Norse warlord, kidnapped at birth and raised by elves, and the bitter changeling who replaced him clash in a monumental war of trolls, elves, and man in this acclaimed classic of fantasy fiction.

The story starts off good with a human baby being switched with a goblin/elf baby which was disgusting to read on how it was born. (Yuck). It speeds up their childhood and goes straight into their adulthood and what has transpired since then. It does slow down once the boys reach adulthood and are men. The goblin/elf baby, Valgard learns of his true parentage and basically goes berserk. Obviously someone has daddy issues and doesn’t understand why he had to grow up in the human world when he should have had all the rights of the elves. Very bitter goblin/elf man.  While the human child has grown up in the elf world and became known as Skafloc. Though human he has learned the elf ways and their traditions and cultures. He has no idea of his parentage though he knows that he is human he doesn’t know that he was switched at birth. Valgard basically goes on a killing spree and wants to kill Skafloc for taking away his life. He teams up with the trolls and starts a war between the elves. Skafloc falls in love with a mortal young girl but there is a story behind that one! (wink wink) So Skafloc goes on a journey to fix a broken sword to take back what the trolls took but the sword is a demon sword and will kill the user once it’s purpose is done.

It does get a little slow after awhile and I had to put the book down. It took me awhile to pick up the book again but once I did I got sucked back into the world. The fight scenes are done really well and were descriptive and made me root for Skafloc! I don’t know if I would recommend this book to any of my friends due to them not being interested in fantasy but anyone who has read The Hobbit/LOTR or interested in Norse mythology, this would be the book for them.


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