Throne of Glass by: Sarah J. Maas

So I know that I just said that I wouldn’t read another book for pleasure in a while….well I lied. I was on hold for like a month waiting for this one book to get loaned to me and lo and behold right after I finished The Elite it came through! So I of course only have 20 days to read it so I read it in one night. Stayed up a little late last night and regretted it in the morning but hey I finished it! πŸ™‚ Now I am on the wait-list for the sequel and the third book.

So the story follows 18 year old Celaena Sardothien who is known as the MOST FEARSOME assassin in the country. She was betrayed a year ago and forced to work in the salt mines until Crown Prince Dorian gave her a deal. Become his father, the King’s Champion and in 4 years she will win her freedom. But to become the Champion she must beat out other competitors(forget how many). But alas, there is evil lurking in the castle and two boys vying for her attention. That’s basically the basic storyline.

Now Calaena(which is a pretty kick-ass name) is vain, beyond beautiful, friendly, has witty humor, annoying but I actually liked her. Though for her to be an assassin, she is not a very good one. At least Maas probably shouldn’t have made her the most well-known assassin. She doesn’t quite act like one, though sometimes she does and it shows at times but not throughout the novel. She has all the training but for her not to be affected by all the people she has killed which we have never been given a number or any backstory as to why she is the most fearsome assassin, that part of the story is lacking. Her reluctance to trust friends is annoying especially since it harmed her but we all saw that coming. The heroine keeps the most important information to herself! She has her flaws but I enjoyed getting to know her and though I can probably guess who she really is it was still a pain to not to have found out in the first book.

There was a love triangle but unlike The Selection and other love triangle stories that I have read it’s pretty good. She has the choice between Charol(another really neat name) the Captain of the Guard or Crown Prince Dorian(lame name). Of course I rooted for Charol because he is wonderful and witty and understands her to a point. She sorta makes a decision by the end of the book but alas you know that it NEVER ends there since there’s two more books. She also meets the princess of another country which OMG! there is another girl in the story that plays a big part! I feel like you rarely see the heroine have any friends that mean something to the plot besides the enemy girl who wants the prince to herself and will do anything to get her way. So having this character in the story was a little refreshing and shiny new.

So overall, it was a good story though it could have been sooooo much better. I hope I enjoy the rest of the series and I hope you enjoy the upcoming posts! πŸ™‚


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