Daierwolves of Paris: Lou

Received this book from Netgallery. I hope everyone had a great holiday and HAPPY NEW YEARS! On my Goodreads account, I read 62 books this past year and I look forward to beating that record this year. That is one of my New Years resolution. I also read about 22,000 pages!! It’s crazy!!

Opening line: “My mother named me Aloysia when I was born, but people usually call me Lou.”

Summary: This follows the life of Lou who is a Daierwolf. Basically she can transform into an animal, her favorite is a panther. Daierwolves have been around for forever and look like humans except they are more beautiful and are highly intelligent. They fight Chalcrocs which are basically werewolves but the bad kind. Lou gets hired by the Paris FBI and gets put in their supernatural division where she meets another Daierwolf that they were able to catch and put in a cage. She releases him and all hell breaks out! Sylvain is a human FBI that adds some romance to the book and some humor.

My Take: This was a good book! I really enjoyed it. I loved the ability to change into another animal but it has limitations. Lou’s age was a little too young for me to really enjoy her relationship with Sylvain who was much older but then again, the book was first published in France so there it might not seem as weird. The translation between French and English was done really well. Lou’s humor was great and she was really likeable and a great heroine. Sylvain was a good balance to her. I can’t wait to see what trouble Lou gets into next.

Highs: Lou’s ability to transform into a beautiful panther! I love panthers and I loved that she was a cat of the night.

Lows: The age difference between Lou and Sylvain.

Closing Line: “Ready.”


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