The Rose Master by: Valentina Cano

Again I have fallen behind in my reading. Though I have set a new goal on Goodreads to read 100 books this year! I think I can do it!! 🙂 This is another book from Netgallery that caught my eye. The cover alone was enough for it to catch my eye and the storyline was unique. I love faerie tale twists and this one did not disappoint.

Opening line: “The day I turned seventeen, birds fell from the sky.”

Summary: This is a new twist on the story of Beauty and the Beast. It stars Anne as a maid working for a family when suddenly she gets shipped off to a relatives house that is in need of her. She travels to this grand house in the middle of nowhere and has only 3 servants living there. This was not what Anne had in mind. She is curious about its master and tries to do her duty by cleaning and trying to find answers. The house feels alive and only when she meets its master, August that she begins to unravel the truth about what lurks in the dark but also her own special powers.

My Take: I love anything to do with Beauty and the Beast. It’s my favorite Disney princess and I love reading retellings so when this popped up I had to read it! It’s unique…a new twist that was needed in the retelling. Anne is a brave but sometimes annoying young girl but she fights for the ones she cares about. August is aloof but is likeable. He is witty and made me laugh a couple of times throughout the book. The magic in the book can be a little confusing, I had to reread some sections to fully understand. I also thought the ending was a little too quick. It had built up all of this tension only for it to go “poof” instead of a “BANG”.

Highs: Anne was a great heroine though sometimes a little dimwitted but you could relate to her really well.

Lows: The magic could be explained a little more and the ending.

Closing line: “For a new beginning. For a new life.”

4/5 stars


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