Dreams of My Mothers by: Joel L.A. Peterson

I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgallery. This is different from what I normally read which is fantasy/sci fi but I do like autobiography’s and memoirs.

Opening line: “Elmore Linquist was driving way past the speed limit as he pushed his two-year-old Chevy Bel Air through the streets of Minneapolis.”

Summary: This story is about a young Korean-American boy named Young Nam. His mom became pregnant with him from an American soldier stationed in Korea. He promised her that he would fly her to America but promises get broken. The story progresses with how she has coped with caring for a baby who is mixed race in a country where that is looked down upon. Eventually, she gives him up for adoption because her love for him is not enough to give him what he needs. He is then adopted by a Swedish family and renamed, Noah.

My Take: It could have been better written. The long lectures were too much and seemed forced into the story. Some characters didn’t really need to be there. The father who was MIA for most of the story was found but didn’t give any information as to how he was found and got his testimony for the story. Very religious which sometimes took away from the story. I am not a very religious person and it was too much for me at times. It was a sweet and sad story and I really enjoyed reading it but not really my cup of tea.

Highs: The story was sweet and sad.

Lows: I am not a very religious person and this book has a heavy dose of God and what his plan is for everyone. A little heavy handed in that aspect for me at least. This annoyed me so much…the history of the french press. I have no idea why we needed to know the history of the french press other than that Noah (the main character) loves it. Some of the backstory/history lessons were not needed. It added to an already long winded chapters. Also the back and forth between years would sometimes get confusing and the POVs would sometimes switch in the chapter.

Closing line: “The sleek jet arched across a cloudless sky, leaving contrails that gleamed white and misty in the thin, high air as it carried Noah Linquist toward an unrevealed future, contained in the dreams of his two remarkable mothers…And known for certain only by God.”


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