Mother Ocean, Daughter Sea by: Diana Marcellas

Opening line: “When the second sun sets into the sea, the shadow of the offshore islands slowly climbs the coast-land slopes, ascending the serrated pattern of the trees; one by one, each dark pink and everwillow passes from daytime green to silhouette shadow.

Summary: Brierley is a witch in hiding in a land where witches are though to be dangerous and extinct. She hides her skills well as a healer for towns in her country. She is then “called” to the lords manor where she heals a stable boy that was close to death. Lord Melfallan witnesses her healing but thinks nothing of it until his wife and unborn child is in danger. She saves them but at a cost of being named a witch by one of the Duke’s man who wants Melfallans lands for himself. They travel across the sea to the Duke’s seat to hear her trial but there is intrigue and betrayal waiting for all who step into court.

My Take: It was a really good read. I liked the storyline though it was predictable but at the same time unique. She is a strong heroine and she grows throughout the book from a meek healer to a strong-willed witch with more confidence. The different POVs were nice but sometimes got confusing because I didn’t know who was talking when. I liked the back story to the world and the history of her people and her magic. The intrigue was really well played and I enjoyed that Lord Melfallan was a quick thinker. He has his faults like any other man which makes him relatable. My other issue were they many questions that Brierley asked of herself and didn’t really get the answers. I felt like all the questions that needed to be answered are waiting for us in the next book but didn’t need to put in front of us until we have those answers.

Highs: The description of everything of the world. I didn’t feel like it was too much and painted a beautiful picture in my head. The middle of the book and end were great. The story definitely picked up and got moving along.

Lows: All the questions that were posed throughout the book but were never really answered. I understand that this is only book one but all the “why” questions were a little overwhelming. Brierley kept asking herself why why why why and it got annoying as the story moved along. Also it was a little slow to begin with.

Closing line: “We should go in.”


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