Court by Cat Patrick

I have finally finished this book after much trouble with reading it on my nook, I had to read it on my laptop which I detest but oh well. Here is my review finally….I have 4 other books on my list that I will be reading and reviewing shortly. This week is busy for me so we shall see how much reading I can do.

Opening line: “Before he was the enemy, James Haakon McHale III was just a seventeen-year-old in what most people knew as the state of Wyoming, wishing he was somewhere other than the predawn forest with a rifle in his grip.”

Summary: This story follows 4 teenagers all with different POVs and plot lines. Hakkon, the next King who is easily controlled by the council and has no confidence and doesn’t want to be king. Gwen, Hakkons soon to be wife who sneaks outside the border and goes rollar skating and meets a boy. Mary, who is a forgotten commoner but has her horse and best friend, Roarke to keep her sane. Alexander, who is Hakkons best friend and is gay but can’t quite come to terms with it just yet. They all live in the state of Wyoming but it is better known as Eurus which is a kingdom all its own. These 4 teenagers have to deal with a secret that the Council have hidden away from the population for years.

My Take: I felt like having that many POVs were a little too much. 4 different POVs and all had different plot lines. It sometimes got too much. It was just all going into different directions but at the same time they did eventually converge and blend together at the end. I did start skimming in the middle because I wanted to learn more about a certain character more but the one who grew up the most were Mary and Gwen. I liked that it seemed like it was going to be a boys book but instead the girls became the heroines. I liked the twist though a bigger one lies in store when you did finish the book! *wink wink*

Highs: The plot twist was amazing!!

Lows: Got a little bored with it and too much teen angst. I know that its a YA novel and I’m sure that teenagers reading this would love it but I just got annoyed by it.

Closing line: “Even if it killed her.”


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