War by Jennifer Anne Davis

Sorry that it has taken me so long to write this review. I finished this last week but I forgot my laptop charger at work so I couldn’t write the review until now. I also finished other books so…this week will be filled with reviews of books. This one though will focus on the last book in the True Reign series, War.

Opening line: “Mako knelt next to the rickety, wooden shack, observing the Emperion ship.”

Summary: We left off with Rema being kidnapped by an assassin. Rema wakes up aboard a ship taking her to Emperion to be executed by the Emperor. She learns to fight by her captor, Nathenek who decides to teach her from getting bored and Rema tries to prepare her escape route as she gets closer. Darmick gathers his friends and grabs a boat to go after her. Rema lands in Emperion and while walking through the palace notices keys everything in paintings, sculptures and so on. The story then leads into her stay in Emperion where she is saved by Darmick and becomes Empress! She goes back to Greenwood Island with her friends and an army to take back what is rightly hers.

My Take: This book was actually a little slow to me. It took awhile for some action to happen and I felt like Darmick just complained the whole time about how Rema was doing and what was going to happen to her. It got annoying. Rema became such a strong character in this last one. She fought and fought until she couldn’t anymore. She didn’t meekly go to her execution and yes she was a damsel in distress but she is one tough cookie! I enjoyed the plot twist at the end though I kinda knew what was going to happen…I did enjoy new characters being brought in especially the assassin.

Highs: Rema fighting to get free instead of walking sadly to her fate. She also has a fiesty attitude which I enjoyed a lot.

Lows: The death of a great character! Though again…not surprising.

Last line: “Savenek it is.”

Overall, it was a good ending to the series but I would wish we could read more about Rema’s time as Empress. But alas…time to move on other stories and worlds.


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