Red by Jennifer Anne Davis

So here it goes with the new setup….

Opening Line: “Revenge was so close that Mako could almost taste it.”

Summary: We follow Rema and Darmik as they each go  their separate ways. Rema is saved at the last minute from hanging to death while Darmik is now on the hunt to find Rema before it’s too late. Rema meets new friends in the rebel camp among them Vesha (who I really liked), Savenek (arrogant boy) and Audek (funny guy). Rema starts her solider training with Savenek but they don’t get along very well. She eventually finds out her destiny and past and has to make a life decision (which we all knew about anyways). While Darmik is trying to find Rema secretly and steathly with Neco. Soon another influence comes into play and time is growing short for Darmik to find out who has his true loyalty.

My Take: Rema’s storyline was a little slow but the pace of it was good to keep you wanting to read chapter after chapter. It was basically her training how to fight and her growing friendship with Vesha, Savenek and Audek. Darmik was the story that had the most action. He was constantly on the move and trying to throw off Remas trail. I love how villainous Lenneck and his father are. They are written really well and you hate them right away and you keep on hating them. I like the cliffhanger at the end of the book and I can’t wait to read and finish War.

Highs: New characters that we actually liked! I hope they don’t die….

Lows: That silly three way triangle love that almost was….

Last Line: “They’re going to Emperion.”

I look forward to reading War and finishing up Court. I will hopefully have the two reviews done by the end of the week! 🙂


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