New Way to Review can tell I’m new at this. I’m really bad at summarizing without giving spoilers away or just giving you enough to catch your attention. Whenever I recommend a book to a friend I just start blurting out the whole story and then I keep going and going because I want to tell you everything that happened but you haven’t even read it so now you don’t have to because I just gave it away. So you can see my dilemma…. :/ Even with reviewing books I still haven’t been able to come up with a structure. I’m hoping the more I review and read the better at it I’ll get. Or just change the way I review things. I stalked other reviewers blogs and found some things I can start adding to my own reviews. We shall see if that helps or hinders.

Opening Line:


My Take:



Last Line:

We will start with that structure and hopefully it may help keep everything in line. And the first book to be reviewed like this will be “Red” since I finished it and I need to review it before going on to War.


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