The Key (True Reign #1) by: Jennifer Anne Davis

Amazing! I was really drawn into the world of Greenwood Island and couldn’t put the book down until I was finished. Rema is a young adult who lives on a farm with her Uncle and Aunt. Her parents died during a takeover from the neighboring kingdom. She soon catches the eye of both Princes of the kingdom, one likes her for who she is and the other just wants to torture his brother on what he can’t have. The book follows Rema and Prince Darmik story and I enjoyed the different POVs. Rema is a strong heroine and has flaws, like running her mouth, but it makes her fight for what she believes in. Darmik on the other hand has more of an internal conflict and he goes back and forth between loyalty to his father and brother and who deserves the right to rule. I really look forward to finishing the series and seeing where Darmik and Rema go.

I actually finished Red (True Reign #2) right after finishing this one. I am still working on Court, my nook keeps booting me out when I turn certain pages so its been annoying.


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