Tears of a Heart

My review of Tears of a Heart by Chase Blackwood.

It was really slow to start and I had to push myself to actually finish the book. This story follows Kirin/Aeden as he journeys from his homeland across the Empire with a band of monks. My main concern with this book was the alternating POV of the arkenist and Aeden. When I started a chapter I sometimes didn’t understand what was happening, if it was the arkenist talking or Aeden until a few pages in and then I would have to reread the chapter to get the gist. Only like the last 5 chapters did things really start and  I wish we got there sooner. My other issue which has nothing to do with the book but did annoy me as I read was how my Nook messed up the font when I transferred it over. The font was a really pretty curly type but some words would be in a different font and bolded and then it will go back to the curly font. I hate to say that it took away some of the reading experience because it would just be on every page and annoyed the crap out of me. I did like the book for the unique storyline but I don’t think I will continue the series.


I believe my next review will be “The Silver Pear” by Michele Diener. I really look forward to reading more about Kayla and Rane.



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