The Golden Apple

Just finished reading “The Golden Apple” by Michelle Diener. I found this book while browsing through Netgallery titles and the sequel was available so I figured I should probably read the first book before requesting the second one (which I have now received and will be reviewing shortly).

The book is based off of the fairytale “The Princess on the Glass Hill”. I have read a book a really long time ago by Gail Levine called “Cinderellis and the Glass Hill” which is also based off of that book just a lot shorter and from the male perspective. This book goes back and forth between the two main characters, Princess Kayla and woodsman Rane. The book is fast paced and I felt no lull in the storyline. Kayla is a great heroine and she gives away her precious treasure just to spit her father but it turns out for the best. She is brave and has conflicts with some of the things she has done so she isn’t perfect and she makes mistakes. Rane is stubborn but brave and he makes a great hero. Eric the Bold is a wonderful villain. You know he is evil but not sure how evil he is until later. The world of Middleland. The Great Forest is amazing and my favorite character would be Sooty. Don’t worry you will love her too! The plot was a little predictable at times but still kept me wanting to read and finish the story. I look forward to reading The Silver Pear and getting to know the characters more.

My next review will be on “Tears of a Heart” by Chase Blackwood. I recieved that book from Netgallery first so The Silver Pear will have to wait awhile.


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