A New Start

I’m writing this blog because I read a lot..like I mean a LOT! I try to get my hands on books anyway I can. I would rather go book shopping than clothes shopping or any other kind of shopping. I like the feel of a book in my hand, the smell of the pages as you turn them, the stories that suck you into another world, place, future. The characters that you hate and love, ones that you want to hit because they are acting so naive and you know whats going to happen next. I get that feeling a a lot…maybe that’s why I’m a violent person :/ HA I kid. I also started writing this blog because my best friend asked me to be a possible guest on her blog and basically I want to make her proud that she can put this on her blog. (I miss you DKKT!)

I do have a nook..first generation nook. So nothing fancy..can’t get email with the internet, only games I have are Sudoku, chess and solitaire. Can’t seem to download my music..so its basic. But I LOVE IT! It reads just like a book though lighter and smaller in size, more compact especially when I’m carrying my laptop and notebooks for class in my backpack and trying to stick a 500 page book in my bag is wayy too heavy. So the nook is great but I still like getting books for my bookshelf back home.

Right now, I’m reading a free nook-book from Barnes and Noble that I found on Free Fridays website. People usually list some free books on the website and I check them out sometimes. Not all are fun or interesting.   It’s called Slayers Kiss: Shadow Slayer, Book 1. By Cassi Carver. I do tend to go towards more supernatural, fantasy, romance, type stuff. I love historical and sci-fi books also. Depends on what I’m in the mood to read. I swear half the books on my nook I haven’t even read yet. That’s one of my goals is to read everything that I have on their..but we shall see.

I’m rambling..so I will review the book as soon as I finish it. The nook says I’m on page 148 out of 611 so..I have a ways to go. Doesn’t help much that the font is super small so I had to make it larger. Hopefully I will be done by next week but classes may get in the way.



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